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Sustainable tourism


Environmental protection

We live in a time when natural resources are disappearing before our eyes and where our environment is increasingly polluted. That's why the Sabalo Lodge team decided to take the necessary steps to respect and preserve the environment. We have put in place a system that gives a second life to almost all the objects used on the site. Our furniture and lodges are designed and constructed from local materials. We also encourage the purchase and production of organic fruits and vegetables.


Water conservation

Water is a very sought-after resource on our planet and as a company promoting sustainability, we recognize its importance. The lodge uses the river water which is the same source used by the village, so we have every reason to use it responsibly. Even though the water is clean and drinkable, people with particularly sensitive stomachs are advised to bring bottled water. We would like to make it a bottled water free zone, but we understand your preferences and needs. The water in the lodge is cool in the morning and warms up during the day.


Solar energy

Electricity at Sabalo Lodge comes from solar panels installed on the roofs of houses and is therefore used in an intelligent and sustainable way.


Sabalo Community

The community of Sabalo looks like a big family of sixty people. Their values ​​are based on mutual aid, trade and Catholic principles. Without electricity or running water, these people are completely disconnected from the world as we know it. The only facilities in the village are a small convenience store, a primary school and some churches. Very often you can meet a peasant on horseback or children playing football in the school yard. Sabalo is a small rural village on the Osa Peninsula and its economy is based on fishing and harvesting. The Sabalo Lodge employs several people from the village and tourism also helps to give them the opportunity to find better jobs while improving their standard of living. We encourage and respect their customs and way of life while sharing them with our visitors. A visit to the community is highly recommended to better understand the culture and way of life of Costa Ricans.

Part of the profits from the hotel goes to the small community school. If you wish to make a donation, please contact us by email.

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