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When is the best time of year to visit Sabalo Lodge?

Depending on the season, Costa Rica's dry season runs from December to April. From May to August, the weather is nice enough. It usually only rains in the late afternoon, leaving most of the day free to explore and enjoy the many activities on offer. September to November is the rainy season, which means a cooler and wetter climate. Traveling here is generally not recommended during this season, although it is a good time of year for tourists interested in exotic plants, animals and marine life. Or for those who just want to escape into an isolated and peaceful world.

Are vaccinations necessary during my stay in Costa Rica?

No special vaccinations are required for visitors to Costa Rica. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a travel clinic to update your current vaccinations before leaving.

Are there mosquitoes?

Visitors are not normally disturbed by mosquitoes at the Sabalo Lodge site. The probability of being bitten is greater during the rainy season. Mosquitoes are more likely to go out at night. So be sure to keep insect-proof products close at hand and be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants after sunset.


What should I bring with me to Sabalo Lodge?• un

• Long and light pants

• Long-sleeved sweater

• Light clothes

• Swimsuit

• Hiking boots

• Beach shoes

• Solar cream

• Lip balm

• Mosquito repellent

• Flash light

• Toiletries

• Camera

• Sports equipment

• Hiking equipment

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